IWS (Irbby Web Vulnerability Scanner)

Web Application Security Scanner

Make sure that Your site is really protected. Automated web site security audit tool.

Multithreaded fast scanner that can scan multiple sites simultaneously with 4 threads per site. High speed and efficiency of vulnerability detection. Minimum number of false positives. Detects critical vulnerabilities with high accuracy. Simple and convenient graphical interface. Low resource consumption. Detailed analysis of the scan results.You can see the result of scanning a test vulnerable site OWASP BWA (http://www.owaspbwa.org) by link.

Please note that the scanner is not intended for unauthorized access to information and does not contain potentially dangerous information checks for vulnerabilities, such as DDOS attacks, buffer overflow attacks , etc. also, the scanner does not have tools for covert scanning and penetration through firewalls. You can only use the scanner for legitimate purposes.


Automated vulnerability scanning

The scanner has several scanning modes. It is equally easy to use by both beginners and experts in the field of information security.


For security experts

Allows you to use manual editing mechanisms for detected resources , which allows you to control the depth and speed of scanning and significantly increases the effectiveness of evaluating the security of web resources.


High speed and efficiency

Detects most known web application vulnerabilities with high accuracy. It can scan in multithreaded mode.


Irbby Web Scanner (IWS) - our advantage

  • Multi-threaded scanning
  • High vulnerability detection rate and low false positives
  • It has a site map editing mode that increases the effectiveness of security assessment
  • Low operating system resource consumption and low system requirements
  • Regular updates of scanning databases and scanner algorithms
  • Low price

How it work

Scanning bWAPP

Scanning WAVSEP

Scanning OWASP BWA

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